CREATE @ the School Library

On Tuesday over lunch the library at Greystone Heights School was a busy place! Students were busy learning, creating, and sharing their knowledge around Scratch.  A few students were exploring the Raspberry Pi’s that are now set up in the library. The challenge on the Pi’s was outlined in the post below.

The craft group had a few experts, from grade 4, share their talent’s of working with polymer clay. I was so impressed with their creative animals and beads they created.  I took the polymer clay home and baked it in the oven. Next steps are to make jewellery with the beads.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our Rpi station, aour fabulous cases created with the laser cutter at TechWorks in Saskatoon, and the lovely polymer clay creations.



Red Light, Green Light

Today we are exploring how writing code can change properties of physical objects.

Your Challenge

Using the Raspberry Pi and a simple circuit discover how to control the lights.  To start exploring, follow this tutorial  and directions created by Paul Kulyk.

The circuit has been constructed for you and the components are labeled below.

To learn more about circuits listen to this explanation by James.


The Greystone Heights School Makerspace

Greystone Heights School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has started a makerspace. A makerspace is a shared space where people with common interests can get together to create, share and communicate new knowledge and understandings.

The teacher-librarian, Mrs.Kulyk along with the help of other teachers Ms. Johnson, Ms. Prefontaine and Ms.Yun and principal Mr.Barss, are working together to facilitate opportunities for students. Every other Tuesday at lunch various students from grades 5-8 have been coming to the school library. The craft group has been busy making friendship bracelets, and toilet paper roll creatures. Their next discovery and hands-on craft will be with polymer clay. Only a few students have used this type of clay before and they are excited to see what they are going to create.

The computer group is getting started learning some basic foundations around computer coding. Many students are interested in robotics and are learning more about how the Raspberry Pi can be used for various projects. We are very thankful for the support and help from engineers Tim Fretz, Albert La and Paul Kulyk, volunteers from Saskatoon Techworks, as well as assistance from Engineers Jeff Pfiefer and James Wood.

To learn more about Makerspaces in School Libraries please visit Mrs.Kulyk’s blog The Upcycled Librarian.